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A French Odyssey

Our Provencal adventure for Gibson Bespoke's 'Savoir Faire' 2019 collection first began with a gathering of dreamy ideas and sketches and transcended into the most magnificent shoot at a romantic Chateau.

Chateau Moissac - Bellevue - Location for Gibson Bespoke's Savoir Faire 2019 collection

Team Spirit

Our fabulous team comprised of photographer Tanja Kibogo, make up artist Stacey Kilpatrick and our beautiful model Fionnuala Short,of myself and executive director of Gibson Bespoke, Jamie. Travelling from all over Ireland and Europe, we embarked on our journey, just as summer began to fade in September to the glorious Chateau Moissac. With flight delays, major storms and a few hiccups along our journey, the heavens made possible for us and we arrived in Nice airport to exquisite French weather! Our long road trip to our location was full of stories, excitement and plenty of laughs and our Irish/ English/ German union was sealed !

The Chateau

Chateau Moissac-Bellevue

Words can't describe the splendour and grandiose of Chateau Moissac. Entering through the huge front doors, we were welcomed into the most magnificent pastel hued hallway. A winding stairwell to our right beckoned us to explore upstairs. Antique chandeliers that glistened and sparkled gave a touch of quintessential French glamour. The walls and decor were beautifully simple yet resplendent and you really get the notion that there's no need for fussy decor, the beauty is most certainly deeply engrained within the walls.

The owners, and our gracious hosts Marie Christine and husband Louis, purchased the 17th century chateau in 1993 and spent over 20 years lovingly restoring it to it's former glory. This is utterly apparent by the warm atmosphere you're embraced with the moment you enter. Every inch of the castles appearance and ornamentation has been carefully considered. Beautiful objets d'art such as antique trinket boxes, patinated Rococco and Venetian mirrors, armoires and old love letters gave the castle it's mystery and magic! Truth be told we needed much more than two days to explore this wonderful building and we all left Moissac Bellevue with the dream of one day each owning our own chateau in breathtaking Provence.

The Photographer

I first came across Tanja's work a few years ago at the Moda E Arte workshop in Italy when she photographed some of my designs. We kept in touch and when I was designing the new collection, I knew she was the perfect person to capture it. Her free spirited and romantic photography style always captivated me so when she agreed to shoot Savoir Faire in a romantic chateau in Provence I knew magic would be made. Tanja was incredible to work with, a beautiful person and complete professional, she worked tirelessly throughout our two day shoot, making sure she squeezed in that one perfect last shot before the sun dissappeared. When the images landed on our desk, I was awestruck. I fell in love, just like I knew I would.


The Collection

A homage to the romantic opulence of rococco style in 18th century France, the Savoir Faire collection brings fresh life and purpose into centuries old traditions. Precious vintage gems that glimmer seductively, hand embroidered silks and intricately beaded tulles worn with a contemporary edge and individual spirit. The muse, an ethereal dark haired beauty.

" With unspoken grandeur she meanders through the the patinated facade of her historic family castle. Magical, ethereal, otherworldly. "

Our most astonishing anthology to date, the Savoir Faire collection defines contemporary elegance. Our newest line of luxury bridal wear and accessories.

All images - Tanja Kibogo


Photography - Tanja Kibogo

Floral Art - Madamoiselle Jules


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