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16 Soft Natural Wedding Make up Looks

Your Ultimate Guide to the most beautiful natural bridal make up looks - Everything you need to know!

Soft eye make up

Thinking about rocking a soft, natural wedding makeup look on your big day?

Since your wedding day is a celebration of your unique relationship and profound love, the last thing you want is to walk down the aisle looking unrecognizable to your friends and family. That’s why instead of layering on cosmetic products to conceal or change their features, many brides gravitate toward a soft, natural wedding makeup look. This pared-down approach to glam focuses on a flawless complexion using minimal products, resulting in an elevated, glowing version of yourself“

Here are our top 16 picks of natural make up ideas for brides to be.


01. Statement Brows

Soft lips portrait

For a soft, natural wedding makeup look that's uncomplicated yet striking, embrace full, bold brows. Paired with a dewy base, rosy cheeks, soft pink lipstick, and light mascara, thick, filled-in brows will frame your eyes and bring symmetry to your face.

02. Flawless Skin

Flawless Skin

The most important part of any natural makeup look? A flawless complexion. Take inspiration from this look. Layered with pink blush, soft fine liner, and fluttery lashes, your skin will simply shine.

03. Bronzed Beauty

Wedding Smile

If you want a natural-looking glow without baking in the sun, fortunately, you can recreate this look using makeup and gradual tanning lotion. Illuminate your face and conceal blemishes with a full-coverage foundation before adding warmth by dusting blush on your cheekbones and bronzer on your forehead where the sun would naturally kiss.

04. Full Lashes

Happy Bride

Long, voluminous lashes can instantly liven up a soft, natural wedding makeup look—accentuating this feature makes your eyes look larger and opens up your face.

05. Soft Smokey Eye

Soft Smokey Eye

To infuse your clean makeup look with a bit of drama, juxtapose soft elegance with an edgy smoky eye. Blending and layering different shades of eyeshadow will create depth and dimension.

06. Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

Outlining the rims of your eyes with dark liner will intensify the shape and draw attention to the color—creating contrast with the natural backdrop. Polish off your look with flushed cheeks and gleaming skin,

07. Blush Cheeks

Blushed Cheeks

Blush is a pivotal part of soft, natural wedding makeup looks. For a youthful glimmer, add a pink hue to the apples of your cheeks and across your cheekbones toward your temples.

08. A Subtle Shimmer

Subtle Shimmer

A shimmery, dewy base is all you need. With a blemish-free complexion—thanks to a trusty foundation—you don’t have to worry about dramatizing the rest of your facial features; a few coats of mascara and a subtle pink lip will suffice.

09. Sculpted Features

Sculpted Features

Without relying on heavy products, a natural wedding makeup look provides plenty of room to play with definition. Consider lifting and sculpting your face with a light contour, achieved by sweeping color across the hollows of your cheekbones and your forehead, nose, and jawline.

09. Pink Perfection

Pink Perfection

You can even match your subdued makeup look to your color palette and aesthetic, creating cohesiveness. Pair a soft pink lip with voluminous lashes and blended eyeshadow for a hint of soft glam.

10. Glass Like Skin

Glass Like Skin

While glossy skin starts with good genetics and a comprehensive skincare routine, your makeup artist can work their magic to give you a glass-like glow on your wedding day. For natural-looking radiance, use products that instantly brighten your face, lock in moisture, and provide a dewy finish. Bronzer and blush will also enhance the luminosity.

Add shimmer to your soft, natural wedding makeup look with sparkly metallic shades. Gold eyeshadow and highlighter will highlight your eyes and illuminate your face. Mix in creamy blush and a pink lip for a delicate, youthful touch.

11. A Bold Lip

A Bold Lip

A clean, minimalist makeup look for your nuptials is striking on its own, but if you want to make a statement, incorporate a splash of colour like this deep red tone.

11. Defined Eyes

Defined Eye Make Up

A clean makeup look offers a blank canvas that you can use to spotlight your favorite features. If you want to emphasize your eyes, eye liner and mascara will define your shape and frame your face.

12. Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Make Up

Allow your natural beauty to shine through, freckles and beauty spots only enhance your individuality as a bride.

13. A Glam Affair

A Glam Affair

"Natural" doesn't mean there isn't room for a bit of glam. For a glitzy take on natural makeup, add some opulence with brown-pink lipstick outlined in liner and fluffy false lashes. Old Hollywood waves swept to the side will complete your look.

14. A Touch Of Gold

A touch of gold

A warm-toned natural makeup look with golden undertones is all about glowing skin, which you can achieve by layering a liquid or cream highlighter under your foundation.

15. Sculpted Cheeks

Sculpted Cheeks

For snatched cheekbones that look natural, blend the color up into the temples. And you can’t forget blush—the reddish pink tone in this cosmetic product will counteract the cool undertones in your contour, making your face look awake and sculpted.

16. Elevated Eyes

If you want to look like yourself, but you aren't afraid to channel a dramatic edge, consider dark eyes. Black eyeliner on your top and bottom lash lines, thick eyelashes, and full, fluffy brows will draw attention to your eyes. Pink blush and mauve lips will finish off your look.

Natural makeup is a stunning option for any type of bride, especially if you want your glam to take on a supplemental role rather than dominate your look. It’s also a versatile choice for any aesthetic, but low-maintenance, effortless affairs in the great outdoors like a vineyard, private estate, or beach are supreme.

We hope you loved our pick of Natural Make up Looks for Brides. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

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