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26 Effortlessly messy wedding hairstyles


Hairstyles can play such an important role in your wedding look, with the ability to completely change the look of a bridal gown. A loose tousled downstyle will convey a relaxed and carefree vibe, whilst updo's can give a more formal elegant feel. Nowadays we're seeing less and less high maintenance bridal looks, with more of you wanting hairstyles that represent their personality and something that feels more whimsical and romantic than the very considered, polished looks of the past.

Here we've selected 26 of the most beautiful and effortless messy wedding hairstyles. A mixture of loose chignons, wavy downstyles and tousled half up styles for an understated and laid back feel.

Loosely pinned chignonnes are a chic alternative to a stiff and overly styled updo. As individual as the bride, each look is instrinsically unique depending on hair colour, length and texture.

Half up styles combine the best of both worlds. Keeping the hair softly pinned away from the face with the rest of the hair enveloping the neck and shoulders. Perfect for brides who want something more considered but feel too exposed with an updo.



To finish your look, see our top picks of accessories and crowns to perfectly compliment a messy hair style.

GISELLE | Golden Botanical Headband. Place Giselle onto a gently tousled chignon with soft tendrils of hair coming loose. The height and depth of colour within the Giselle piece frames the face and hair perfectly.

AURORE | Crystal Rose Coronet. A coronet will compliment both messy downstyles or updos alike. With the ability to be seen from every angle the Aurore can be worn placed over a simple veil for a complete look.

RAPHAELLE | Delicate Floral Pins. These delicate pins are best worn in half down or up styles. With the ability to place anywhere in the hair, they gently weave between tousled styles. Raphaelle's stylistic flexibility means that you can place neatly in a row over an upturned chignon or scatter thoughout the side of back of a loosely pinned style . The possibilities are endless.


If you are unsure what style of headpiece or veil will compliment your look or dress, Contact Us for styling advice, tips and recommendations on how to accessorize beautifully. We love to chat!


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